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How to Create the Perfect Call to Action

May 28, 2020

In this article, you will learn all the basics of how to create calls to action that work and finally turn your website into the conversion channel you need! You have a website for a reason. There are actions you want your visitors to take in order to continue growing your brand and making money. […]

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wine tasting room

Why Your Winery Website Design Should Match Your Tasting Room Experience

May 25, 2020

Think about the moment when you enter a tasting room for the first time, whether it is your own tasting room or one at a friend or family member’s winery. Everything matters about that first moment:  A strong smell of wine and grapes can immediately bring you to the present moment, starting the relaxing and […]

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winery website

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Winery Website and Increase Online Wine Sales

May 21, 2020

If you want to sell your winery products online, your website needs the attention of your audience. That’s easier said than done. Even well-designed and exceptionally written winery websites that sell exceptional products can still fail if they cannot attract their audience. How do you drive more traffic to your winery website? That’s probably why, […]

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Winery Site

Wine Wisdom: 12 Reasons Why Your Winery Website Needs to Be Redesigned

May 9, 2020

Wine Wisdom: 12 Reasons Why Your Winery Website Needs to Be Redesigned Looking for 12 reasons why your winery site needs to be redesigned? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place! In 2018, wine sales reached $40.2 billion in the United States. Based on these numbers, it’s safe to say people love […]

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Winery Social Media

5 Winery Social Media Ideas That Will Change Your Business Forever

May 5, 2020

Looking for 5 winery social media ideas that will change your business forever? If so, we’ve got your back. Click here for more! No matter your business, social media is the key to success. The world is growing more and more dependent on how technology connects each of us. With 3.48 billion people on social media, […]

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Event Venue Marketing COVID-19

Event Venue Marketing Playbook – In a Post COVID-19 World

May 3, 2020

COVID-19’s Adverse Impact on Event Venues If you own or work at a winery, craft distillery, or brewery, the widespread damage of COVID-19 won’t be any secret to you. After all, what’s an event venue if it can’t host events?If you aren’t taking the necessary steps, it’s something that’ll bleed money. The Current Climate for […]

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A web designer using color swatches for her winery website design.

What Your Website’s Color Palette Says About Your Company’s Wine Palette

April 16, 2020

Your winery website design project starts long before you write the first line of code. It requires significant ideation and planning, from using wireframe templates to building a style guide that guides consistency throughout each page of the site. One central step to tackle early: setting your color palette. That sounds simple. Simply pick a […]

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A couple sitting at home and shopping for wine online.

Why You Need to Know Where Your Digital Customers Are Coming From (And Why It Matters)

April 9, 2020

When working to market your winery online, it can be tempting to be dazzled by improved web traffic. New orders, higher page views, or new members in your wine club all can be signs that your marketing efforts are working and your wine is gaining traction with a new consumer base. It’s definitely worth celebrating. […]

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Barrels Ahead - How to Host a Virtual Wine Tasting Event

How to Organize and Host a Virtual Wine Tasting Event

April 7, 2020

Sweeten the deal for your winery club members by organizing and hosting a virtual wine tasting event. Learn how it’s done here. Tasting rooms might be closed, but that doesn’t mean things can’t be business as usual. Technology has allowed everyone to stay connected, even during a time of social distancing.  Thankfully, winemakers and wineries […]

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Barrels Ahead - Marketing your Wedding Venue

Successful Wine Marketing in a Digital World

April 7, 2020

Wine marketing is an art, but not everyone is an artist. Luckily, we’ve got seven tips for successful wine marketing right here. If you have a new or established winery that’s in need of more customers, it can feel daunting to decide how to get started. Although you may feel tempted to do everything and […]

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