The Future of Draft Beer With AI and Robotics-Powered Internet of Beer With Can Algul of Pubinno

by Drew Hendricks
Last updated Sep 14, 2023

Legends Behind the Craft Podcast

The Future of Draft Beer With AI and Robotics-Powered Internet of Beer With Can Algul of Pubinno

Last Updated on September 14, 2023 by nicole

The Future of Draft Beer With AI and Robotics-Powered Internet of Beer With Can Algul of Pubinno 11

Can Algul is the Co-Founder & CEO at Pubinno, a San Francisco-based company leading the charge in revolutionizing the draft beer industry. Can is not just a tech innovator; he’s also a passionate beer connoisseur and a nature lover, embodying a unique blend of interests — from exploring the great outdoors to staying abreast of the latest tech trends. Thanks to Can’s visionary leadership, Pubinno now spans 60 cities across three continents, making the Internet of Beer a reality with its disruptive product ecosystem, all while contributing to a Net Zero future. Pubinno’s smart solutions, under Can’s guidance, have eliminated waste and decarbonized the draft beer value chain, offering real-time data and future insights for the industry. 

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Can Algul provides an overview of Pubinno, its mission, and its global reach
  • Dive into Pubinno’s “Internet of Beer” concept and how Pubinno is transforming the draft beer experience through technology
  • Take insight from discussions on how Pubinno’s solutions can prevent loss in unregulated pubs
  • Can Algul explains how AI is utilized to deliver the perfect pint
  • Explore specific case studies of pubs and bars implementing Pubinno’s technology
  • An in-depth look at Pubinno’s Smart Tap, Smart Hub, and Smart Clean technologies
  • Learn about Pubinno’s commitment to sustainability and its Net Zero Manifesto
  • Can Algul compares the differences in the beverage industry between Tokyo, Istanbul, New York, and other regions
  • Discover the significance of machine learning in revolutionizing the food and beverage industry
  • Can Algul shares his personal mission as the CEO of Pubinno

In this episode with Can Algul

Step into the world of Pubinno, a company connecting the globe through AI and robotics-powered draft beer innovation. Join Can Algul, CEO of Pubinno, as we explore their mission to automate, standardize, and digitize draft beer operations while reducing waste and promoting sustainability. 

In today’s episode of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, Drew Thomas Hendricks is joined by Can Algul, Co-Founder & CEO of Pubinno. Learn how Pubinno prevents losses for pub owners, leverages AI for the perfect pint and hear real-world case studies of their technology. Discover their Smart Tap, Smart Hub, and Smart Clean solutions, and explore their Net Zero Manifesto, driving the beverage industry towards sustainability. Gain insights into the unique dynamics of the beer business in different global cities and the role of machine learning in the food and beverage industry.

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[00:00:00] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Drew Thomas Hendricks here. I’m the host of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast. On this show, I talk with leaders in the wine and craft beverage industry. Before I get started, it’s got to do the sponsor message. Today’s episode is sponsored by Barrels Ahead. At Barrels Ahead, we help the wine and craft industry build stronger bonds between their customers and brands through authentic content.

Go to today to learn more. Today, I’m talking with Can Algul. Can is the co-founder and CEO of Pubinno. Welcome to the show, Can.

[00:00:29] Can Algul: Hello, Drew.

[00:00:31] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Hello. So you’re co you’re coming to us today from Istanbul. It’s, it’s late in the evening there.

[00:00:36] Can Algul: Yeah. I’m in Istanbul, the most populated city in Europe right now.

[00:00:40] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Yeah. And vibrant beer scene. What beer are you drinking there?

[00:00:45] Can Algul: Right now? Just a Bremen. It’s a smooth, soft – especially for summertime. Yeah.

[00:00:51] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Ah, that’s perfect. So, Can, talk to us, tell me about Pubinno?

[00:00:56] Can Algul: First of all, thanks for having me tonight. Pubinno is a San Francisco-based company that connects the world through the Internet of Beer with its patented AI and robotics technologies operating in over 60 cities across three continents.

[00:01:15] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Wow.

[00:01:16] Can Algul: We collaborate with four of the top 10 breweries such as Molson Coors, Asahi, Heineken, and FS across various geographies from Madrid to Tokyo.

And our joint efforts are aimed at serving the perfect pint regardless of time and location while also significantly reducing motor waste and decarbonizing the entire value chain for millions of beer lovers all around the world.

[00:01:46] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Well, that’s amazing. So, talk to me about, so it’s, you term it the Internet of Beer.

That’s a concept that I haven’t heard about yet.

[00:01:54] Can Algul: Yeah, Internet of Beer is, that’s what we built under of our patented technologies. In the past decades, we have seen many groundbreaking technologies being developed, accepted, loved, and seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. From the era when communication relied on extensive infrastructure of telegraph wires to today’s world, where we have transitioned to a sophisticated system, Pubinno is pioneering a revolutionary change within traditional beverage industry.

We are moving away from outdated large-scale systems and towers, or more efficient and interconnected framework. Do you know the most recent innovation in the drop year industry was the invention of commercial -? That is used today, brought to life by Eric Arthur in 1955. At Pubinno, we have stepped forward as leaders of new era, creating the term of Internet of Beer to use AI and smart technologies to link and enhance beverage supply chain for all.

It’s a world where draft systems are no longer stand-alone, but connected. In this promising future, all players are winners. Pubinno leverages patents, artificial intelligence, and robotics to build the Internet of Beer and help all stakeholders in entire draft beverage ecosystem manage their draft beer operations more efficiently and deliver excellent quality pub service with perfect beer taste.

It shapes the draft beer ecosystem by touching brewers, bartenders, hub owners, maintenance and support teams, and end consumers to build a better future. Pubinno’s Internet of Beer solutions have been developed to design the future of draft beer by creating a fully connected digital ecosystem where draft beer operations are fully automated, standardized, trackable, hygienic, and sustainable.

This is even Pubinno’s effort to make draft in perfect and accessible for everyone.

[00:04:15] Drew Thomas Hendricks: That’s amazing. So, so from a, from a pub owner’s standpoint, I can see how, immediately see how this could stop some of the loss that occurs in pubs that aren’t regulated where you just have an open tap. How does Pubinno help that preventing loss?

[00:04:31] Can Algul: To answer this, I want to explain my motivation on draft beer and the beverage industry. Average loss per keg is 23%. And according to – report, to make one liter beer, you need to consume 155 liter of water.

So, as you might know, beer is the third most consumed beverage in the world, and moreover, the history of beer runs parallel to the history of civilization. We know that the history of beer is as old as human history itself, with brewing taking place even in ancient times, including during the era of ancient Egypt. And one of the five reasons for being granted leave from work was the loss of a relative or need to produce beer at the home.

And we arrived at the concept of the pub derived from the public house, which represents the purest DNA of the public space. For example, do you know there is a bar in the Wall Street area in New York which is called Fraunces Tavern? New York City is a very good, Fraunces Tavern is a very good example, which has a significant historical importance in representing critical moments in the birth of the United States and shaping its early identity.

When you go there, you can see so many pictures of George Washington. Despite its worldwide popularity, very little attention was being paid to the lack of standardization, data, and the amount of waste happening. At Pubinno, we noticed these three main problems in the draft beer industry and decided to do something about it.

Six, seven years later, I can proudly say that our commitment to standardizing the draft beer industry once for all has been recognized through our achievements. Pubinno handles 37 percent of all draft beer operation in the biggest city of Europe, Istanbul. Pubinno already transformed almost 40 percent of draft beer operation.

We also have operation in Tokyo, Madrid, and that’s why San Francisco Business Times selected Pubinno one of the 30 biggest robotics companies in the Bay Area. And now, Drew, it’s time to, we are spreading our wings and expanding in New York City while preparing for this exciting journey where it is, of course, intense. And as a team, we are working day and night to deliver the perfect plan to all the New Yorkers at the pool at the time.

Imagine. Just like in New Yorker looking for a cab during rush hour. And the beer has better with quick. And then the perfect pint without any delays with Pubinno in terms of beer, even the most impatient New Yorker can enjoy the perfect pint faster than a New York -.

[00:07:43] Drew Thomas Hendricks: That’s great. As far as the, the perfect pint, how do you use AI to deliver the perfect pint?

[00:07:50] Can Algul: It’s a great question. To answer this, I want to start with a very special and funny story. Our first investor was Alchemist. Alchemist is the, actually, they called, like, Y Combinator for our enterprise. We have the most accelerator in Silicon Valley. And we all boiled in their ecosystem.

While we, we are working in their office, BBC, the British Channel visited our office and make a video like two, three minutes. Then they published the video. In that time we were just prototyping. After they published a video Drew, we got 53 countries lead from India to South Africa, Japan, to Spain.

Because we were so smart in that time, we sent the demo packages in 13 different countries in a pack. Of course, we failed. Because the, especially beer business is a relationship business. And hard beer business is a customer success business. And in that time we were just six or seven people, and we sent to 13 different countries.

But that time was milestone for us because we realized that the technology was working in somewhere and was not working in somewhere because of all the infrastructures, beer types are different. Now we decided to put AI model to our technology set.  

AI works like a test of cars. It goes from the bartender behavior, beer infrastructure, and beer time. And there is the, the most optimistic flow without spillage, standardized quality, and pulls you to the perfect pint. And we launched it in November 19, the biggest fair, the biggest beer fair in the world in Nuremberg, and just in three months, we were spreading in the five countries. Then COVID came, you know, even in World War II there was a draft beer, but in the COVID times, there is no draft beer.

The first case, I will never forget this day, the first case happened, I go to office and make it like Town Hall says to guys, “Hey guys, we will keep on from our homes.” Blah, blah, blah. In that time, Drew, I realized that -. In the eyes of the, especially new ones. Hey, bars are closing, are we gonna bankrupt, exact, blah, blah, blah.

I said that it was like 13th March of 2020, I said that guys, we will say that two years from now on, we will be never in this point if COVID does not happen because our biggest trade competitor, rival, is tradition. And now there is a big storm which is removing the tradition. And that’s why Pubinno make more than 600% growth in the last two years in an organic way without burning a single dollar.

[00:11:23] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Smart. That is smart. That is smart. Un I like that statement is the big, your biggest rival is the tradition and people are just used to doing it one way. And COVID helped upset that tradition.

[00:11:38] Can Algul: Yeah, you know, COVID, the restaurant industry, one of the most traditional industries in the world, started to adopt some technological, robotized, and digital solutions.

Such as QR code menu, such as Pubinno technologies, or such as some stock management. It was hard, but now we are in a better and lighter future.

[00:12:03] Drew Thomas Hendricks: No, that’s, that’s really good. So as far as the, your actual, that SmartStream technology, I saw a couple of videos on your site. Talk to me about, what sort of changes, like some of the pubs, the bars and pubs that implement this, what sort of case studies can you share?

[00:12:22] Can Algul: Cool. Thanks for this question. It’s very important to explain our vision and the values that we created. First of all, Internet of Beer means that connecting each stakeholder in the industry to create visible and sustainable beverage operations. These stakeholders consist of breweries, bars, bartenders, the maintenance teams, I mean cleaning, you know, beer lines should be cleaned regularly, and of course us, consumers.

Now we are working with four of top ten in the world and we already served almost 100 million pounds to millions of people. According to our case studies on the brewery side, every one dollar they put, they got back 6. 3 dollars. Because they increased their quality more than 30 percent and better beer size, better.

And normally, let’s say you are the owner of that rabbit, and I’m, I’m the brewery, okay? For example, in San Francisco nowadays, the most horrible one is gonna be done. I’m very unhappy about that situation. Do you, are you aware about that?

[00:13:50] Drew Thomas Hendricks: On, on what was that? The,

[00:13:52] Can Algul: The most historical beer of the San Francisco.

[00:13:55] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Oh. The Anchor Steam went outta business support. Just destroyed it. I was shocked that wa that was always my favorite beer.

[00:14:03] Can Algul: How is –

[00:14:05] Drew Thomas Hendricks: I kind of knew when, when they changed the label and changed the can it, it, something was wrong, but I, I still think it, somebody’s gonna resurrect it. ‘Cause it is the only steam. It was the only steam beer that I know of.

[00:14:20] Can Algul: I’m very, I’m happy too because our office was like back street of their brewery and I taste so many Angustine beers in 17 and 18 when I was there in in San Francisco. Let’s see what will happen. On the other hand, normally breweries knows that how many kegs they sent you in April.

They don’t know anything about the small data. Small data means about consumer behavior. For example, we are reporting that. How many beer with the which glasses? What time of the day? With the which music? So, with this small data and granular data, breweries have chance to active more smartly and make much more money.

And third and last, of course, they gain incredible competitive advantage. For example, I told you, FS is one of our oldest customers. They are the ninth, tenth largest brewery in the world. And we already transformed 37 percent of their draft beer operation. They convert more than 300 bars from the competitor in last year because of the Pubinno technologies.

Because… If you use Pubinno and your computer does not, it means your keg is more efficient, more quality, and you have a remote. So that’s the value that we created for the breweries. For the bar side, it’s not that complex, it’s much more easy. The ROI starts from the second one. Eliminating the waste.

It’s up to 14X ROI they can gain from Pubinno Technologies according to its venue, pub, or hotel.

[00:16:12] Drew Thomas Hendricks: I can see that. I mean, just, just by the local bar that I go to, they’re, they’re not the best at keeping things in stock, and some of the beers that I really want to taste, a lot of times, the keg’s empty, or they’re having to reload it, and I would think that Pubinno’s technology would help them to make sure that the right beer’s in stock at the right time.

[00:16:34] Can Algul: Thank you so much. The quality is one side, and the speed is the second side. I don’t know, do you remember your last experience when you got a beer in, let’s say, Benson Square Garden?


[00:16:49] Drew Thomas Hendricks: I’ve never been there.

[00:16:56] Can Algul: You will be in soon.

[00:17:00] Drew Thomas Hendricks: No, but I, I can remember the last stadium beer that I had for sure.

[00:17:05] Can Algul: So you haven’t –

[00:17:06] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Yeah, I can also remember the last bar that I went to in Oceanside. Their whole tap line was warm. And they served me a beer, it was room temperature, I ordered another one, it was room temperature, and the bartender was not tasting any of that, and did not know.

So that’s another thing that I, from a consumer standpoint, I can definitely see the benefits.

[00:17:32] Can Algul: One of the biggest challenges in the industry nowadays, bartenders, because… in the COVID time was so tough, tough, I mean, you know, so many people, we had faced with difficulties to be survived. So in our industry, the employment, the talents are the biggest challenge right now.

So many people jumping to the other industries. In Pubinno, our goal is helping them to make their real art. Their real art is the communication and making cocktails. You know, while at SmartTap pouring the beer, you have a chance to doing other stuffs.

That’s, that’s what, what we are focusing. I’m a person to believe that human will be the center of the pop environment. And robots will be great assistance in that environment.

[00:18:41] Drew Thomas Hendricks: That’s a really good point. I mean, a lot of bartenders, I mean there is a, there’s an art to pouring a beer, but there’s, it can be mechanized ’cause it needs to be the same every time and you gotta have a lot of experience.

But the true art of the bartender is to engage with the customer. Now that I really, really like that.

[00:19:00] Can Algul: And, you know, it also needs a high technology, what I mean. 13 parameters, 13 parameters affects the beer flow. Such as temperature, pressure, how much left in the keg. And there are some solutions in the US.

Some of them already go to bankrupt, you know, big fundraising. We still see some time-based solutions, what I mean is. You know, eight seconds pooling, but every beer type has different characteristics on the flavor and on the flow. So you need to AI to pour it perfect.

[00:19:43] Drew Thomas Hendricks: So the AI, the AI helps take care of all those unknown factors that are like bar to bar to bar that are different.

That makes a lot of sense.

[00:19:52] Can Algul: Bar, bar, bar, bar. And beer, beer, beer.

[00:19:54] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Sure, sure. No, that’s, that’s fantastic.

[00:19:58] Can Algul: The wheat beers. I don’t know. Do you like it for or – or another wheat beers? Wheat beers are the most foamy beers in the world.

[00:20:07] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Oh, yeah. For sure.

[00:20:09] Can Algul: I do know it.

[00:20:10] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Yeah. I’m not, not a big fan of wheat beers. For some reason. I really like an IPA, like,

[00:20:15] Can Algul: Hate it.

[00:20:16] Drew Thomas Hendricks: You hate the IPAs. Yeah, we’re, what’s your favorite beer?

[00:20:26] Can Algul: Depends on who to ask, when to ask. But I can say that on the industrial ones, I love the Prague beers. The beers which is manufactured in Prague. Oh, yeah. Ah, yes. But for the craft ones, first of all, the most important thing for me is how to serve. Is it fresh, clean, the right temperature? And after that, daisies and colch. Colch.

[00:21:09] Drew Thomas Hendricks: I was looking at one thing here. So you’ve got the, you’ve got the SmartStream, but you’ve also got a few other technology points in your system. The Smart Clean and the Smart Hub. Can you tell us about that?

[00:21:23] Can Algul: Pubinno’s Internet of Beer is an umbrella, which consists of three different products. Smart Tap, Smart Hub, and Smart Clean. Smart Tap is the world’s first AI-powered beer tap. Smart Hub is a data platform where you can track the footprint of the nightlife. What I mean is small data. For example, just, just let me share one case study.

[00:21:47] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Yeah.

[00:21:49] Can Algul: You, you know Real Madrid?

[00:21:51] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Who?

[00:21:53] Can Algul: Real Madrid.

[00:21:55] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Oh yes.

[00:21:55] Can Algul: The biggest football club in Europe. Their Madison Square Garden is Santiago Bernabéu, their site name is Santiago Bernabéu. And around the Santiago Bernabéu, so many bars using Pubinno Technologies.

[00:22:13] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Wow.

[00:22:14] Can Algul: We realize that. In the normal days, the most consumer beer in that area is Cruz Campo, which is, you know, cheap, Spanish-like.

But only in the game days. The most consuming beer is the premium lions. When we share this insight with our customers, they increase their revenue 28 percent in the selected region. Yeah. And Smart Clean is our latest product.

[00:22:46] Drew Thomas Hendricks: That is, oh, you’re making, you’re making me thirsty.

[00:22:49] Can Algul: Have you ever experienced that? You get a metallic taste or oil taste from a draft beer?

[00:22:55] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Oh yeah, mhm.

[00:22:57] Can Algul: Regularly, beer lines should be cleaned once a week. And cleaning operation normally doing by technicians come to bar with a trial. Due to chemical cleaning. Then go back with the trial. This is not happening properly and periodically, unfortunately.

The venues that use Smart Clean increase their beer sales more than 12%. -. These three products talks in a closed ecosystem. And the ecosystem name is Internet of Beer. What I mean is, if you don’t have a Smart Tap, you cannot use Smart Clean.

[00:23:39] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Ah. So it’s all kind of, it’s all one big thing. Can you do a Smart Tap and not a Smart Clean?

[00:23:47] Can Algul: Exactly. Close ecosystem, Internet of Beer. Apple of to beer we can call.

[00:23:53] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Oh, that’s very cool. Now, what’s the Smart Hub? Is that the, that’s the data aggregator?

[00:23:58] Can Algul: It’s data aggregator. It’s for usage for the bar owners and managers for bar owners. It’s much more like an operating system. How much on your stock? What is your trans? What do you need to order?

What is your quality score? Is your cooler is working well or not? The operating system position. For the breweries, it’s much more like the insights. Campaign management. The trend management, we have small data, as I gave an example one minute ago. According to that data, they are managing their business in a holistic way.

[00:24:44] Drew Thomas Hendricks: What was that?

[00:24:48] Can Algul: Normally, proven managers… Knows that how many kegs they send to, let’s say, big -. We are providing them. All the consumer behaviors we are providing. And with this data, of course, they are much more smart, and they are making all campaign management according to this. So, much more precise budget management, I guess.

[00:25:13] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Oh, that’s fantastic. Well, I’d like to shift because you have on your site, you have a real social, social commitment in your manifesto and saving things. Can you talk to me about that? With your manifesto?

[00:25:27] Can Algul: Pubinno is revolutionizing the beverage industry with a human-centric approach. Integrating patented technologies into traditional draft beer systems, pioneering us into the era of the Internet of Beer. Our mission is clear and rooted in our values. To provide the perfect pint while leading the sustainable efforts, driving the beverage industry towards the next zero future, and ensuring we work with the very best individuals from all walks of life.

As innovators designing the future of the beverage industry through AI, we accomplished the long and sometimes challenging journey ahead. It’s for this reason that we place importance on our company culture. At Pubinno, we are committed to hiring and promoting new people from diverse backgrounds.

By creating smart end-to-end solutions, we are redefining the draft experience, making it smarter, more sustainable, and a reflection of our values. The conventional draft systems are a thing of the past. And now, we are leading the way of new era as a company that has environmental responsibility and respect for all humans and every -.

[00:26:45] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Yeah. Now that’s really interesting, so you’re, I mean, on your site you talk about your Net Zero and your goal to like just reducing, just reducing zero emissions, and you’ve got actually a calculator on your site and you’ve saved 713 million liters of water so far?

Right. How, how are you able to save that much water?

[00:27:06] Can Algul: Let me tell you in a detailed way.

[00:27:09] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Yes.

[00:27:12] Can Algul: According to UN and Miller Kurtz report, to make one-litre beer, you need to consume everything.

It depends, according to beer type, but everything 155 liters water. And according – association, is 23% per cap because of overpouring and overflow. Pubinno eliminates this waste and increased the cap yield around 99%. We save so much water to water among. That you are already talked about is equal to all consumption in doing summer.

[00:28:00] Drew Thomas Hendricks: That’s unbelievable. I can totally, I can totally see it. I, I have a vision in my head of that tap that was just tapped and it was all foam. And I’m just watching leader after leader go down the, down the drain as the bartenders trying to get that beer to pour clear and it’s just all waste and your technology solves that.

[00:28:22] Can Algul: Exactly.

[00:28:24] Drew Thomas Hendricks: That’s fantastic.

[00:28:25] Can Algul: And now, we are operating from Madrid to Tokyo, and it’s time for the New York City, and hopefully we will have a cheers soon.

[00:28:33] Drew Thomas Hendricks: How is, is the business different in Tokyo versus, Istanbul and New York?

[00:28:40] Can Algul: Ah, it’s a great question. It’s the one of the biggest challenging part of our business.

Here is the relationship with the dream. And all country has their own draft beer culture. For example, let me tell you to Tokyo. Tokyo is the biggest draft market in the world as a city.

[00:29:03] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Wow.

[00:29:04] Can Algul: Do you know in New York City there are 28, 000 restaurants.

[00:29:08] Drew Thomas Hendricks: That’s a lot. How many in Tokyo?

[00:29:10] Can Algul: Five hundred. Five hundred.

[00:29:12] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Yeah, I was going to say a hundred thirty or so.

[00:29:15] Can Algul: And on the other end. Have you ever been there?

[00:29:19] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Tokyo, no.

[00:29:20] Can Algul: If you go to Izakaya in Tokyo, and if you ask a beer, you can suddenly find in front of yourself a draft beer.

Because Japanese optimistic engineering structure where doesn’t send to fridge for the bottled beers. There is only draft beer system. Buy yours to beer, you get to beer. Madrid, much more South of Spain,especially in Valencia, the culture is overpowering.

People like so much fun, that’s why they are always overpowering. So Everybody has their own culture, and they are adapting and optimizing all of that. And probably we are pioneering this.

[00:30:08] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Oh, that’s interesting. Now what about, you’re not in this country yet, but what about like Ireland? Where it’s a very kind of manual, like pouring a pint of Guinness.

[00:30:18] Can Algul: It’s the best bartender in the tap.

It has the capability of to simulation of robotics as a best bartender. So, it puts to enough time, wait enough minutes, and puts to perfect pint to you. It’s like, it’s like a robot which mimics of the best bartender.

[00:30:55] Drew Thomas Hendricks: That’s fascinating. I love that. So as we kind of wrapping down here, talk to me about machine learning and the importance in the food and beverage industry.

[00:31:00] Can Algul: It’s a great question, because not only in the beer or beverage industry, in all food tech and undertake AI is disrupted the all, not only ai, but AI and robotics disrupting the industry as partners integrating AI and ML in the food and beverage industry. Pubinno has been at the forefront of the technological advancements.

For over six years. We firmly believe that AI and technology play a pivotal role in transforming the food and beverage industry.

 We began with thematic AI in our products that I already told you the story. We saw the potential it had to revolutionize the industry. Over the years we have witnessed a significant shift in the landscape with many more companies recognizing the benefits of AI. It’s truly inspiring to see numerous innovative solutions emerging to tackle long standing issues like data scarcity and exercise rates. If pooling is managed based on time, problems arise, just like with other competitors. For example, one of our competitors raised more than 50 million dollars in last year. Now they go to bankrupt. Now the business is a relationship business.

And draft, you need to manage the draft with AI. You cannot manage it with AI. And Pubinno’s devices are AI based. Pouring over 600 different types of beer. Around 2, 3 continents. With the implementation of Pubinno Smart Hub. We can provide small data. It opens up the possibility to gather unique insights into consumer behavior such as music preference or footprint of nightlife activities in any way.

[00:32:56] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Wow, that’s incredible. So Can, as we’re wrapping down, is there anything we haven’t talked about that you’d like to bring up?

[00:33:06] Can Algul: Drew, is incredibly joy, fruitful, and – session. Thanks for your time. If you have time, I want to talk about my mission.

As CEO of Pubinno I’m more than a – desk. I’m a catalyst for change and advocate for the progress. I’m taking the traditional art we all know and love and not just changing it, I’m evolving it. With the power of technology, we are not just enhancing the experience of our customers, we are redefining it while keeping true to our roots.

It’s constant reminder to push boundaries, challenge convention, and that’s exactly what we are here to do. Of course, the thought of doing something that no one has ever done before starting so many questions and thoughts fly around in my mind. An interesting fact about me. I used to be a basketball coach, and I’m deeply passionate about sports.

I also play for American football, but I’m a coach for basketball. But I admire the fighting spirit. So my mindset is to go hard or go home. It was during this time, I was conceptualizing the Pubinno. I came across a quote from the, I think, you know, Carl Sagan. He said that, I love this guy, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

These were resonate deeper to me and my determination shape around this. That’s why our commitment to sustainability, this just a part. We think it’s a part of our idea.

[00:35:03] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Ah, no, that’s very good. Very good. So Can, where, where can people find out more about you in Pubinno?

[00:35:10] Can Algul: Now we are operating in Istanbul, Tokyo, Madrid, Cyrus.

And in very nearly soon, I think, in the back to the school term, people started to do taste Pubinno draft beers in New York City.

[00:35:30] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Oh, that’s going to be fantastic.

[00:35:32] Can Algul: We are coming to New York City, and I’m moving there personally. That’s why I’m very excited to make cheers with you Drew.

[00:35:39] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Yes. We’re going to cheer soon. So, Can, thank you so much for joining us today.

[00:35:45] Can Algul: It’s my pleasure.

[00:35:46] Drew Thomas Hendricks: And I look forward to having a Pubinno pour draft very, very soon.

[00:35:51] Can Algul: See you soon.

[00:35:52] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Bye bye.