Content Strategy

Drew Hendricks Storybrand Framework for Wineries

Story Brand Framework for Wineries: 6 Best Action Steps

August 27, 2021

Key Action Steps for Winery Owners to Take From Donald Miller’s Book “Building a Story Brand” Have you ever heard of the Story Brand Framework? Created by author Donald Miller, this marketing framework is a popular one among marketers and small business owners alike. Specifically, this framework is explored in Miller’s book “Building a Story […]

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Create B2B Buyer Personas

How to Create B2B Buyer Personas

July 9, 2021

Buyers will be more likely to do business with companies that address their specific needs. That’s why you need to create B2B buyer personas that are detailed. Your team may be wasting time chasing leads that are not a good fit for your company. A B2B buyer persona will help your team market to your […]

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Guide to B2B SEO

A Complete Guide to B2B SEO for the Winery Supply Chain

March 19, 2021

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a vital part of digital marketing for every business. However, there’s a surprisingly vast difference between business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) SEO. While business owners and marketers in the winery supply chain might assume that the goal of both forms of SEO is the same, […]

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B2B Content Marketing

B2B Content Marketing for the Wine Industry

March 19, 2021

Content marketing is one of the most challenging yet rewarding aspects of B2B marketing. Unlike B2C marketing, where businesses are marketing to users who have the sole goal of making a purchase, B2B marketing requires that a business strengthens its reputation as a trustworthy source of information to attract new customers. However, business owners also […]

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Wine glass on top of books and iPhones

Website Content Vs. Blogs — How to Prioritize Both to Grow Your Wine Business

January 12, 2021

Marketing has always been about telling stories, but businesses in the wine industry need more storytelling than any other. Even with a bottle of exceptional wine, a good story sells even more than time, oak, or terroir alone. Where should you expend your energy? Should you use website content or blogs to grow your wine business?

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storytelling in marketing your winery

The Art of Storytelling in Marketing Your Winery

November 29, 2019

We don’t buy wine for the bottle. We buy it for the experience. Each customer has a preferred varietal, but what’s really stopping them from going to your competitors? What is making them join your wine clubs and taste your wine? Customer experience has always been a significant factor in entrepreneurial success. But when it […]

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