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A Review of ‘They Ask, You Answer’ And 10 Content Marketing Action Steps For Wine And Craft Suppliers

December 2, 2021
winery brand story

Wine and craft suppliers don’t have it easy. They need to prove to others within the distribution and retail markets why buying their stuff in bulk is a good idea. As a result, most of us consumers never actually get to see the hard work that goes into making each bottle of wine or craft […]

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Simplifying The Wholesale Distribution Model With Cheryl Murphy Durzy of LibDib

December 2, 2021
Cheryl Murphy Durzy

In this episode of Legends Behind the Craft, Drew Thomas Hendricks and Cheryl Murphy Durzy, Co-founder and CEO of LibDib, sit down to discuss how to customize the wine and spirit distribution model. Cheryl talks about how she is helping scale brands by simplifying the buying process, why a distribution and marketing model is crucial for success, and improving supplier and buyer relationships.

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How To Effectively Incorporate Social Media Into Your Winery’s SEO Strategy

November 29, 2021
content marketing seo wine business

Little did everyone know, social media efforts can help boost SEO. Nowadays, it’s no surprise how something can gain popularity overnight. SEO and social media both play a vital role in getting the public’s attention online. These marketing channels create advantages for businesses, setting them up for instant success. However, it’s not always as easy […]

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Making the World Smaller One Sip at a Time with Jack Duan of Gliding Eagle

November 25, 2021
Jack Duan ep thumbnail

On this episode of Legends Behind the Craft, Drew Thomas Hendricks sits down with Jack Duan, Founder and CEO of Gliding Eagle, to discuss how he is connecting the world through data technology and wine. Jack talks about how he developed the systems the company uses today, the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial journey, and how other wineries can expand their distribution to direct selling.

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3 Tips On How To Make Your Website ADA Compliant

November 24, 2021
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It’s time you reconsider your website’s design Your website plays a crucial role in giving your winery business, or any other business, an online presence. Coupled with the rise of direct-to-consumer eCommerce and the need for digital marketing just to stand out in a competitive market, you’d be doing your business a disservice if you […]

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Mapping Your Wine Journey with Dr. Jeff Daiter and Josh Daiter

November 18, 2021
Dr Jeff Daiter Josh Daiter

On this episode of Legends Behind the Craft, Drew Thomas Hendricks sits down with Dr. Jeff Daiter, CEO and Co-founder of InVintory Wines, and Josh Daiter, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of InVintory Wines, to discuss their entrepreneurial journey towards developing an interactive wine map. Together, they talk about the innovation behind the platform, why listening to reviews and recommendations is more potent than ratings, and the importance of consumer education to scale your brand.

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Wines With Innovation and Craftsmanship With Joseph Wagner of Copper Cane Wines & Provisions

November 11, 2021
Joseph Wagner

In this episode of Legends Behind the Craft, Drew Thomas Hendricks and Joseph Wagner, Founder of Copper Cane Wines & Provisions, sit down to discuss the craftsmanship behind a wine portfolio. Joseph talks about how his winemaking philosophy is successful, an in-depth look at the cycle and craftsmanship of creating wine varietals, and elevating the wine experience. Do you want to take a sip of this episode?

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Connecting Consumers to New Wines with Joe Fattorini

November 4, 2021
Joe Fattorini

On this episode of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, Drew Thomas Hendricks and critically-acclaimed writer, broadcaster, and Managing Director of Trade at Pix, Joe Fattorini discuss the journey of discovering new wines and consumer behavior. They discuss the cross-cultural differences of the wine industry, funneling ideas into a digital platform, and unique ways to connect small wineries and retailers with consumers.

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Creating a Story Through Media with Lawrence Francis From the Interpreting Wine Podcast

October 28, 2021
Lawrence Francis

Tune in to this episode of Legends Behind the Craft, where Drew Thomas Hendricks sits down with Lawrence Francis, host of the Interpreting Wine podcast. Together, they discuss the evolution of the podcast landscape, the importance of digital storytelling, and how wineries can communicate to consumers and build relationships across media platforms.

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Discovering Wine Across the Digital Industry with Paul Mabray of Pix

October 21, 2021
Paul Mabray

On this episode of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, Drew Thomas Hendricks has a conversation with Paul Mabray, CEO of Pix, about connecting boutique wine producers with consumers across the digital industry. They discuss the power of content writing to scale a brand, understanding the value within a great team, and the analytics behind making wine discoverable. Stay tuned!

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