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How To Promote Wine Tourism In Your Content Strategy

January 12, 2022
how to promote wine tourism in your content strategy

While the pandemic threw all of us for a loop, the post-pandemic era promises similar challenges. The alarming surge of cases has proven that the wine industry can’t let down its guard. Instead, it must remain adaptive with other obstacles, such as wildfires and extreme weather events, affecting the crush. The essential thing to remember […]

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10 Reasons Why Storytelling Is More Effective Than Statistics

December 17, 2021
why storytelling is better than statistics for wineries

Should you persuade customers with statistics, or stories? Marketers and business owners love data and statistics. It can tell them if they’re doing a good job, or failing at something. It informs them if things need fixing, or if it’s time to shift priorities. However, when dealing with customers, these statistics should be able to […]

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Top Marketing Trends For Winery Businesses In 2022

December 9, 2021
shutterstock 1155562630 scaled

It’s going to be a good year for wineries. Younger generations, particularly Millennials and Gen Z, are leading the growth of wine buyers in 2021 and are projected to continue to provide a positive impact on the wine industry in the coming year. Their wine-buying habits, however, differ from those of previous generations. Younger wine […]

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A Review of ‘They Ask, You Answer’ And 10 Content Marketing Action Steps For Wine And Craft Suppliers

December 2, 2021
winery brand story

Wine and craft suppliers don’t have it easy. They need to prove to others within the distribution and retail markets why buying their stuff in bulk is a good idea. As a result, most of us consumers never actually get to see the hard work that goes into making each bottle of wine or craft […]

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How to Sell More Wine By Using the Right Hashtags for Your Winery

September 30, 2021
Hashtag Strategy for Wineries

Getting Started with Hashtags Social media has turned the old-school pound sign into the widely-used hashtag. Hashtags are incredible tools that can be used to find content that aligns with a brand’s interests online. They help businesses, especially wineries, increase lead generation and overall reach efforts. Your winery needs a top-notch digital marketing strategy that […]

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On the Spot with Outshinery – Multi-Channel Marketing for Wineries

September 2, 2021
On the Spot with Outshinery

On The Spot with Outshinery On August 25th, Outshinery hosted their monthly “On the Spot” conversation. This month, Keltie Maguire spoke with our founder, Drew Thomas Hendricks of Barrels Ahead, Ben Salisbury of Salisbury Creative Group, and Holly Schick of WineDirect. They discussed what channels wineries can use to connect with their customers outside of […]

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Story Brand Framework for Wineries: 6 Best Action Steps

August 27, 2021
Drew Thomas Hendricks Storybrand Framework for Wineries

Key Action Steps for Winery Owners to Take From Donald Miller’s Book “Building a Story Brand” Have you ever heard of the Story Brand Framework? Created by author Donald Miller, this marketing framework is a popular one among marketers and small business owners alike. Specifically, this framework is explored in Miller’s book “Building a Story […]

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How to Craft Your Winery’s Story

August 2, 2021
Craft Your Winery's Story

The wine industry is a highly competitive one. However, even with all of the challenges that winemakers face today, the industry as a whole is growing substantially as consumer demand has increased in the wake of the pandemic. So how can a California wine brand take advantage of this demand and stand out amongst competitors? […]

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A Complete Guide to B2B Account-Based Marketing for Wine Suppliers

July 12, 2021
B2B Account-Based Marketing

What Makes Account-Based Marketing a Preferred Approach for B2B Companies? Marketing to wineries is challenging at the best of times. In Napa Valley alone, 170 new wineries have been registered each year since 2015. Compared to the ’90s, when only seven new wineries were registered every year, there’s plenty of opportunities to market your supplies […]

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4 Creative Content Marketing Ideas for Wine and Spirit Bottle Suppliers

June 23, 2021
creative content marketing ideas for wine

Do you need a new method to sell your wine bottles? Content marketing is a powerful strategy that can help you reach clients that are not receptive to traditional ads. However, getting started can be a challenge. To make a content marketing push successful, you need to choose topics and formats that provide value. In […]

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