4 Creative Content Marketing Ideas for Wine and Spirit Bottle Suppliers

by Drew Hendricks
Last updated Aug 31, 2021

creative content marketing ideas for wine
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4 Creative Content Marketing Ideas for Wine and Spirit Bottle Suppliers

Last Updated on August 31, 2021 by

Do you need a new method to sell your wine bottles? Content marketing is a powerful strategy that can help you reach clients that are not receptive to traditional ads. However, getting started can be a challenge.

To make a content marketing push successful, you need to choose topics and formats that provide value. In this guide, you’re going to discover four creative content marketing ideas for wine and craft suppliers, how they help you, and how to put them into action. 

Four ideas to sell more bottles with content marketing

  • Educate clients about your bottle types with blogs and infographics
  • Create confidence in your products with data and research
  • Create a personal connection using videos featuring bottle suppliers
  • Help new wineries solve problems with social engagement

Before we jump into these ideas, let’s take a minute to go over what content marketing means and how it’s different from earlier forms of advertising.

What is content marketing, and why should bottle suppliers care?

Content marketing is a long-term strategy to develop relationships with an audience by providing quality information. You won’t directly promote your products. Instead, you’ll use content to showcase the strengths of your products and brand indirectly. 

Bottle suppliers should care about content marketing because people are exposed to so many ads online that they’ve learned to filter them out. Recent research shows that millennials, in particular, are more resistant to ads

Digital advertising can still be effective, but it requires a high level of research and targeting. Content marketing bypasses the resistance that online audiences have towards ads and has a better chance of leaving an impression. 

Creative Content Marketing Ideas for Wine and Craft Suppliers

Educate clients about your bottle types with blogs and infographics

One way to provide value to your audience with content is to provide them with information. 

Information is valuable because unanswered questions may be the last obstacle left before someone makes a purchase. If you provide that answer, you’re positioned to be the one who gets the order.

New wineries may still be looking for answers when it comes to bottles. For example, which bottles are best matched with certain wines? Why are some bottles heavier than others? Answer questions like these (as well as more complicated and technical ones) using blogs and infographics. 

As an example, check out this wine bottle guide by Wine Folly Magazine. It provides infographics and information that helps readers understand the origins and uses of different bottles. 

You could apply this same model to more complex topics to empower a content strategy aimed at more experienced vintners. 

Create confidence in your products with data and research

Another way to use content to provide value is to present research or data that has implications for the winery owners reading it.

You can perform this research on your own products. For example, you could do a case study showing that the glass products you import are more resistant to stress than other popular options on the market. This can directly affect the bottom line of wineries, so they’ll take the information seriously.

However, you can promote your products without speaking directly to their specifications. For example, check out this downloadable study of how wine bottle design affects consumer choices

By focusing your research on options that only you offer in your region, you can create powerful perceptions about the value of your products.

Create a personal connection using videos featuring bottle suppliers

Not every piece of content you create needs to be focused on highlighting the products that you offer. In fact, focusing too much on business topics can undermine the real power of a content marketing strategy. Video marketing strategy thrives on authentic connection.

You can build that human connection by putting a human face on your operations. For example, you can create videos that feature the people behind the products. You can ask them about quality-control measures, interesting initiatives (such as using recycled glass), or other topics.

Ask your import partner if they can provide footage that may be helpful. For example, just the mechanical process of creating bottles — with no commentary involved — was enough to earn this video nearly 50,000 views

Videos like this are most popular with engineering enthusiasts, but winery clients who see content like this may be indirectly reassured by your relationship with and access to the manufacturing partners.

Help new wineries solve problems with social engagement

Sometimes, it can be difficult to predict what wineries want to learn from your content. You can overcome that problem by interacting with them directly. Social media interactions are considered to be an effective part of any content marketing strategy.

If you have active social media accounts, it’s easy to reach out to people or to have them reach out to you. However, reaching this stage of interaction is not easy. If you’re still building out your accounts, your best strategy is to go to where the questions are.

Q&A sites like Quora are an excellent way to find relevant questions and show off your value by providing an industry-insider answer.

Take this question, for example: How do you make wine bottles? This question would be a great opportunity to provide an answer and even discuss how your operation may do something differently. 

As you can see, if you scroll to the answers, a commercial winemaker has already provided one answer. This same account has had their answers viewed over one million times. This kind of exposure is possible by only answering questions if you devote enough time to it. 

Sell more wine bottles with content marketing

Content marketing is a powerful way to reach wineries, and bottle suppliers can use it to make connections that aren’t possible with other forms of advertising.

Use focused content to educate your winery clients about essential topics in the industry. Build confidence in your products by performing important research that speaks to your client’s bottom line. Create personal connections by featuring your people in videos, and solve problems by answering questions on social media.

After that, effective content marketing is a matter of testing and improving. Track the content that gets the best response from your audience, and give them more of what they like.