Why Your Winery Needs Creative Video Content to Sell More Wine in 2020

by Drew Hendricks
Last updated Jul 20, 2021

video content for wineries
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Last Updated on July 20, 2021 by

Video is the best way to tell your winery’s brand story. Here’s why more creative video content for wineries can help sell more wine in 2020.

Fact: 96 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 34 watch several videos per week. Not only that but 75 percent of so-called “millennials” stream at least one creative video every day.

With so many viewers streaming video at once, the wine industry must keep up with the times too. Need a hand in the wine marketing business?

If so, it’s probably time to hire a professional videographer. After all, it’s your winery, right?

That being said, the best winery deserves the best wine creative video content. Find out why your winery needs creative video content to sell more wine in 2020!

Show Your Tasting Room Experience

In the time of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, a wine lover catch behind-the-scenes glimpses of businesses all the time. Of course, this has changed the game for the content marketing industry.

Have you updated your winery marketing content yet?

If not, you’re already lightyears behind the competition.

Here’s the deal. After you’ve decided to use video to promote your winery, you’ve still got to set up a solid strategy.

For example, are you attempting to bring more wine lovers to your physical location or sell more wine direct-to-consumers?

To tell you the truth, your target audience is super important when you’re attempting to create creative video content for your winery. One way to start is to showcase your tasting room experience. For those who want to attract more visitors to their doors, it all begins with encouraging them to leave their house.

Yes, you read that right. To do this, you’ve got to make your virtual wine presence seem undeniable and alluring. This will help your prospects decide which winery they should visit.

Let’s face it: your well-placed sign and reputation aren’t enough to draw new clientele anymore. That’s what we highly recommend that you add quality and creative video content to your homepage or landing page. With a winery marketing video, you can show your viewers what you would like them to see and tell them what you would like them to hear.

At the very least, take some panoramic pictures of your winery. Better yet, hire a professional photographer for a more personalized and polished video of your winery. This will provide a true sense of your tasting space to potential customers.

As if that’s not enough, it will also give a positive impression of your brand to your clients, leaving a good taste in their mouths!

Promote Your Wine Club Community

The next step is easy: promoting your wine club community.

Nowadays, consumers base their buying decisions on what kind of experience a product, place, or service offers. That’s exactly why you should need to show how fun it is to be a member of your wine club.

What else do you have to offer besides a discount on wine bottles a couple of times per year? The answer is simple.

A place where members can share their love of good wine within a safe community. Be sure to strengthen the bonds that you’ve already created with your wine club members. These people are already fans of your wine brand.

Our general rule of thumb is straightforward. The more creative video content you create for your wine club, the more bottles you will sell. When you build confidence in your winery brand, you will see that the number of sign-ups for your wine club will increase dramatically.

To give your wine club a more community feel, use your smartphone to record your next wine club member event or pick a party. Not a tech genius?

Thankfully, there are tons of easy-to-use editing programs that can show you how to edit your video. You can even add your favorite music to your video to make it seem more professional.

If not, then there’s nothing wrong with hiring a video crew to shoot your next wine club party either. This is a fantastic way to show everyone what they’re missing if they skip out on your wine club enrollment list.

Bonus points for embedding a video in the next subscription email that you send out to your wine club members. When you showcase the quality wine that your members are receiving in their shipments, you’ll have more sign-ups in no time.

Boost Your Direct-to-Consumer Connection

Last but not least, you can use winery video marketing as a way to boost your direct-to-consumer connection. For starters, your videos can paint a virtual picture of your winery for your visitors, including anyone who:

  • Wants to see the face behind the brand
  • Wants to take a digital tour through your wine vineyard
  • Wants to get to know your wine brand better

All that you have to do is pump out engaging content that will bring more consumers to your winery. Most of the buyer’s journey occurs before they even contact your business. That means that they make the majority of the purchasing decisions via what they see on their screen.

Using video is a smart way to seal the deal. On top of that, videos can help distributors become more familiar with your brand as well.

Want to take it up a notch?

By showcasing the most beautiful parts of your winery, you can show consumers sweeping views of your vineyard to encourage them to visit. To give your customers a “bird’s eye view,” we suggest that you invest in a drone right away.

Talk about making a good impression on your clients!

Market Your Winery With Creative Video Content Today

Admit it: promoting your winery with creative marketing is the only way to stand out from the crowd.

From displaying your vineyard to flaunting your tasting room, there are countless strategies to reel new customers in with creative video content. The only hard part will be choosing which parts of your winery to show off!

Want to market your winery with creative video content?

Don’t hesitate to contact us about our winery marketing services now!