Wine & Craft Marketing

Would you like to Grow Your Business Without Having to Pay for Each Click?

We accelerate organic growth by
unlocking your company's knowledge
Never again will you say "If they only knew..."

Create Great Content

We can hear your collective sigh

But wait a minute.  Let's not be so quick to dismiss content in pursuit of the next magic bullet.

After all, we can all agree it's content that lets people know


How great your products are
What makes you unique
Why your company is the bomb diggity

So why is content not a priority?

Does this sound familiar?

We don't have time
No one reads what we write
We don' know what to write
We hate the way we write

At this point, too many businesses surrender and say

Forget it, can't someone just do it for us?

The short answer is yes,
but without the proper strategy and support

You'll most likely find yourself thinking

What a waste
This writing sucks
It does not match our brand
No one will ever read this
Organic growth marketing is bullshit

And you would be right

(Except the part about organic growth marketing.  When done correctly it's very powerful.)

Here is the secret.  It's very easy to get 90% of the way there.  In fact, anybody with a laptop can put a couple of words together and call themselves a digital marketer. But it's that last 10% where results happen, growth accelerates, and revenue goals are smashed.

At Barrels Ahead we are dedicated to nailing the last 10%.

So, how do you do it?

We developed an organic growth marketing framework to address the unique needs of the wine and craft industry.

Do You Want Revenue Generating Results?

We developed an organic growth marketing framework to address the unique needs of the wine and craft industry.

Why is the Wine & Craft Industry Unique?

Our industry faces a combination of content marketing challenges that few others face.

(1) The wine and craft industry is a niche market

(2) with very low search volume (yes, millions of people are searching for their favorite Chardonnay,
but how many are searching for a solution to concrete tank leeching?)

(3) and customers who can easily spot superficial content.

Combine this with the heavy regulations imposed by the TTB and you have very distinct challenges that are best tackled by a company dedicated to the industry.

The Wine & Craft Organic Growth Marketing Framework

We built our framework from the ground up to address the unique needs of the wine and craft industry.  The following three disciplines work in unison to achieve measurable bottom-line results.

Content Development

Our writers and content creators are wine & craft industry veterans who work to produce engaging copy that matches your brand voice, conveys your unique story, and engages your audience with content that they will actually like, read, and share.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization ensures that your business is found online.  Our SEO team will conduct a thorough audit of your site and help resolve any technical details that might be harming your rankings. Our on-page SEO editors can revitalize your current site content so that it becomes a magnet in search results, while the off-page SEO team conducts outreach to boost your rankings.

Paid Search & Display

What? You just said we would not have to pay for each click.

Yes, that's the end goal but a paid strategy can jumpstart organic growth and is an economical tool for nurturing B2b leads through retargeting.

Winery SEO

Take the next step with your winery today with our free SEO Guide

In this guide, we’ll show you what you need to know about winery SEO in 2021. From recent developments to applicable tips, you’ll learn tactics that will generate tangible improvements in organic search rankings.

Exclusive bonus
Free content analysis of one article or page on your website by a member of our content team.  Find out what it will take to outrank your competitors in organic search.

Don't know where to begin?
Start With a Growth Strategy Blueprint

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there - Lewis Carroll

Your business is unique and your strategy should be too.  We will work with you to create an actionable strategy blueprint that will help you

Resolve SEO issues
Unlock knowledge that sets your business apart
Guide content creation
Outline an SEO keyword strategy
Create an actionable gameplan to outrank your chosen competitors

Stay Up to Date
With Wine & Craft Marketing

As part of our company's core values, we are always learning, improving our skills, and driving the marketing world forward.  Below is a collection of our latest thoughts, what we've learned, what we've discovered, and what we're tinkering on

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